Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes and Fine Lines: What are they and how do we prevent them?

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Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes and Fine Lines: What are they and how do we prevent them?

As adults; dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines are something that we all – unfortunately, suffer from at some point. And, it is safe to assume that in most cases, if not all, they are entirely undesired. But the question is, without doing any research do you know what causes them?

Many people assume it is lack of sleep, which can most definitely be a contributing factor. However, dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines are a result of a mixture of things. Some of which we are going to look at today, don’t be surprised if you see some causes that we talk about, to be unexpected!

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Dark Circles

What are they?

I am sure that many of you who work in a stressful environment or just have day to day stresses that stay in your thoughts. Know all too well the struggle of insomnia due to an overactive mind. Many of you may also assume this is the only reason you are getting dark eye circles when in fact it could be many other things. Dark circles are – as they say in the name – the dark circles that form a half moon shape under your eyes. But, what can cause them?

Blame your parents!

It is true; dark circles can, in fact, be hereditary. Meaning they were passed down from your parent or parents to you.

Allergies and Eczema:

Both allergies and eczema result in an irritation of the skin. And although they do not directly cause the dark eye circles, the constant rubbing of the skin around the eyes does.

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As we have recommended before, do a little research into what makeup you are purchasing. Bear in mind that under your eyes is a very thin layer of skin, and so harsh makeup products will make eye circles worse.

Not enough SPF! Much like the rest of your body, your under eyes need SPF. Exposure to the skin is going to damage the skin and cause dark circles if not make already existing ones worse.

Bone structure:

It is also very possible that your wonderfully high cheekbones (if you are blessed with such) are causing your eye sockets to look deeper. And, the deeper the eye socket, the more shadowing that occurs in the area.

And of course, lack of sleep:

Missing out on essential Zzz’s resulting in dark eye circles is unfortunately not a tale of myth and legend. Overtiredness causes the blood vessels to become larger, giving the skin a red/bruised look.

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How can we help to prevent dark circles?

The first and probably the most straightforward option is to get yourself a light moisturiser with SPF. Or even a foundation (if you like to wear makeup) that contains an SPF. Make sure your skin care routine incorporates an eye care ritual. Treat your eyes like the babies of your face, with lots and lots of TLC! Secondly, take a look at your diet. Eating foods packed with Vitamin C is a great start, as the vitamin is known for keeping your skin healthy. Which in this case is perfect for the thin skin under your eyes. Lastly, we know it can be difficult but try to get a decent nights sleep. Or at least an uninterrupted more restful sleep, even if it wasn’t for as long as you may have liked.

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Puffy Eyes

What are they?

Your eyes usually swell up and become puffy when fluids become trapped between the connective tissues. In this case the tissue in your eyelids.

What causes puffy eyes?

Have you ever been cleaning or just walking outside and all of a sudden you start sneezing? Next thing you know you have a blocked nose and your eyes are puffy. If yes, then like many other people your body reacts to the allergens in the air, this could be from pollen, dust, mould, pets..etc. The reasons your eyes become puffy is the allergens dissolve in your tears resulting in antibody response. These antibodies then release histamine which causes the puffy eyes and blocked nose.

It’s too hot outside!

The hotter it is, the drier your eyes become. And the more dehydrated your eyes become, the more irritated they are. The mucous membranes of the eye are essential for keeping it moist when they dry out the tissues thicken and cause the skin to swell.

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Lack of sleep:

Again, a lack of sleep will irritate the eyes. Have you ever had the grainy feeling after a miserable nights sleep? Like everytime you blink it feels like there’s sand under your eyelids. Making you want to rub your eyes, which in turn irritates them causing oedema (fluid build up).

Happy hour was maybe a bit too happy.. Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body. And of course the more alcohol you drink, the more dehydrated you become. And the more dehydrated you become, the more likely your eyes are to become dry and puffy.

Preventing puffy eyes

There are some products that we recommend to help prevent or at least treat puffy eyes. These are ARK skincare reverse gravity eye cream and ARK skincare firming serum. These work to tighten and hydrate the eye area reversing the look of puffiness. You can also use Dermalogica calm water gel which does the same thing, and if you don’t want to go out and buy a product then cucumbers can do the trick also!

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Fine Lines
What are they?

Fine lines are also known as smile lines or crows feet – if they are on the corner of the eye. They are the lines that form at the outside edges of your eyes, around the mouth, forehead and neckline.

What causes fine lines?
Not enough SPF:

Unprotected prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays break down the collagen in the skin. You can think of collagen as the bodies natural glue holding things in place, nice and tight. So you can imagine where there is a lack of collagen in the skin. The skin will be able to sag causing fine lines.

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Squinting, smiling and muscle movement:

Although these facial movements are not negative, they are repetitive. And, repeated facial actions, unfortunately, cause creases, wrinkles and fine lines.

What side do you sleep on?

We have briefly touched on this phenomenon before in our neck and decolletage blog. The side of your body you sleep on can be affected by said sleep. As it means that side of your face or body is left slightly wrinkled for a specified period. And again repetitiveness will cause the wrinkles to remain. Eventually.

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Preventing/Treating fine lines

ARK age defend and replenishing moisturiser, and ARK age defy replenishing moisturiser. These products work to plump up the area being moisturised using known natural ingredients like shea butter and olive oil. They also prevent dryness. Dermalogica age reversal complex and multivitamin power firm. Again these products work as a subtle moisturiser that tends to include an SPF which is great as sun damage does affect fine lines. Lastly, try to protect your face as much as possible when out in the sun, even if it means wearing a hat that covers your face when the sun is at its brightest.

Dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines may affect us all, but we can all do something about them. If they do not go completely, then they can most certainly be reduced. Above we have mentioned only a small dent, in the remedies available to help fight dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines. From ARK and Dermalogica skin care products to small changes that you can make at home the journey can start today.


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