Skincare Tips: Steam Glorious Steam

Facial Steaming:

The simple practice of facial steaming is a great addition to your beauty routine. Hopefully, the majority of you by now have your cleansing methods that probably include exfoliating, toning, moisturising and applying sunscreen. The question is, have you ever considered adding a facial spa steam to your routine? It may not have even crossed your mind exactly how useful a little bit of steam is. Not only for your skin but your health as well.

The benefits of steam for your face and body



Why bother to go to a spa if not to leave relaxed right? Stress is something that at one point or another affects all of us. Prolonged exposure to stress can create a toll on our daily lives. From forming muscle tension to headaches to anxiety and nervousness, stress is something you want to get rid of as soon as possible. Steam treatments can relieve stress and promote relaxation; as a result, your body is less tense, your headaches have gone, and your mind is at ease.


Increase in circulation

Increasing the temperature of the skin – in this case by using steam. Causes something called a thermoregulatory response. For those like me who looked at that word and thought ‘heh??’ a thermoregulatory response, first of all, is a good thing! Secondly, it is a very fancy way of describing the response your skin makes to heat. In this reaction, your blood vessels get bigger as to allow more blood to flow through. Thus, improving overall circulation to the skin, which helps to deliver vital oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and cells.



I hope you are all loving the blogs we are posting?, and if you are by this point you know we love to talk about pores!! Pores play a significant role in not only helping to maintain healthy skin but also showing you when your skin may be a little unhealthy. Subsequently, clogged up pores directly result in acne breakouts, can lead to infection and can also leave you with some skin irritations that you do not want. Steam is great at removing this problem because the heat causes your pores to open up, it also helps to soften that top layer of hardened dirt that is clogging the pores. Once the pores are open, they are then able to push out the foreign objects that may have been blocking them up. In turn, allows your skin to replenish itself naturally, and also to produce and distribute sebum which helps to protect the skin.


More receptive to your facial routine

A little bit of a confusing statement but what we mean is once your skin is clear of all the dirt and debris. And, you no longer have to worry about how to clean out your clogged pores. Your freshly steamed skin becomes a lot more receptive and accepting of other products you may be using on your face. e.g. your exfoliators and moisturisers. Before steaming, you may have found that although you were moisturising your face, it would still get dry quickly or it didn’t seem like the products were being absorbed at all. After steaming, you will find that your skin is now more equipped to absorb and accept your other face products.


Keeps you hydrated

Another point that we like to mention quite often; is the importance of keeping yourself and your skin hydrated. The two work hand in hand to make sure your skin is as healthy as it can be. And using steam to help with this is an excellent idea. The heat mixed with the moisture works in such a way that it revitalises your skin without you even realising it. It revives any tired skin and allows it to absorb moisture resulting in your skin being much more hydrated and healthy.

Sometimes we may have all the best intentions in the world to go and get something done, but we just may not have the energy. Or let’s be honest just can’t be bothered. If this is the case for your facial steam or your in-between facial appointments; not to worry, you can do a slightly less intricate version at home. Although there is nothing like going to a spa to get your steam facial done, there is something to be said about a good old fashioned hot bath (or even shower).

While having some you time at home in the tub or shower, you may not realise it but the steam produced is opening your pores and softening your skin. So while relaxing, you can take advantage of the fact that your pores are now open and just apply a light skin exfoliator or mask that you can use while you’re relaxing.

Then the final step is to close your eyes sink down into the bath and let the face mask work its magic. Doing this is a great in-between for when you are waiting for your next spa facial because it keeps the skin prepared and soft while you are waiting for your appointment. Do not worry that it will affect your next spa facial steam, just think of it as a top up before you get the real thing!

Steam is so readily available but yet it is entirely underrated. We look for so many things in the world to relax and calm us, and keep our skin healthy but for some reason, steam is not one of those things. Here we would like to change that and show that it is a wonderful way to benefit your skin. Sit back relax and let the steam glorious steam get to work!


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