Noah’s Ark Spa luxury facial treatments:


Face Mapping – Skin Analysis – 10 mins

Discover how to achieve healthy glowing skin with a complimentary skin analysis and your bespoke skin fitness plan. Discuss your key concerns and gain insight on your skin.

Pro-Skin 60 Facial – 60 mins

The ultimate Dermalogica experience customised with advanced products and techniques in a sensorial environment made for relaxation. This skin treatment is completely personalised to your skin and different every time you visit. Your skin treatment will include double cleansing, steam & extraction. Advanced professional exfoliation process, massage, masque & moisture.


(includes face mapping)

Pro-Skin 30 Facial – 30 mins

Our signature treatment on your time! Targeting your key concerns for maximum impact. This treatment is designed for those short on time and want maximum results.


(includes face mapping)

The ‘Skin Response’ Facial – 70 mins

The ‘Skin Response’ Facial provides a revolutionary approach to skin care, with a treatment that truly responds to your skin whilst respecting it’s evolving needs. Our skin therapist will give you a full skin assessment, then will customise your facial to address your skin concerns using Ark Age Aware skincare products to treat the skin.

The facial includes a deep double cleansing routine, steam, exfolitation and masque. A massage to the face, neck and shoulders will stimulate the skin and muscles, as well as detoxify and ease away tension in the upper body. This is followed by a skin targeted, skin response serums and moisture.


40 min Treatment – £49.00

(includes skin assessment)

The ‘Skin Response’ Cleavage Facial – 75 mins

This treatment is designed to smooth and revitalise the skin to the cleavage and decollate. It is important to look after the skin in this area as it is often exposed to the elements, including sun damage which can be susceptible to premature aging as a result. The decollate and bust area are given a full facial, using draining and lifting massage movements to enhance circulation. Eleminating toxins and help to firm, hydrate and nourish the skin.


(includes skin assessment)

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