For Men

Yes, even men need pampering. Noah’s Ark Spa has created a carefully crafted treatment list designed for grooming, energising and reducing stress.


We use Clean & Easy warm wax roller system and Lycon hot wax to protect the delicate and sensitive areas.



The nails are shaped and moistured, whilst the cuticles are hydrated adding moisture to hands.


The feet are soaked, hard skin is removed, cuticles treated and nails trimmed and shaped. Feet are also massaged.

Eyebrow Tint:


Eyelash Tint:


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting:



A therapeutic tension releasing treatment that warms and soothes muscles, using deep massage and pressure movements to create a calmer, more balanced state of mind, body and soul. Includes massage to the face and head, with the choice of three unqiue aromatic essential oil blends to enhance your mood: Living – an energising pick-me-up and boost of confidence. Loving – a sweet, floral cocoon of comfort. Lounging – deeply relaxing chill out zone. (Consultation included in price) Full body massage (60mins):
Back, neck & shoulder massage (40mins):
Treatment Addons: Back Massage – 15 minutes Foot Massage – 15 minutes


The ‘Skin Response’ Facial provides a revolutionary approach to skin care, with a treatment that truly responds to your skin whilst respecting it’s evolving needs. Our skin therapist will give you a full skin assessment, then will customise your facial to address your skin concerns using Ark Age Aware skincare products to treat the skin. The facial includes a deep double cleansing routine, exfolitation and masque. This is followed by a skin targeted, skin response serums and moisture.
The ‘Skin Response’ Facial (40 mins)
The ‘Skin Response’ Facial (70 mins)
The Back Facial – 55 mins This treatment is the best of both worlds – a deep cleansing facial for the hard to reach area, plus a muscle easing and relaxing massage. The back is deep cleansed, exfoliated, steam extraction & masque. It is designed for dry, congested or breakouts in this area. Your back will feel incredibly clean, smooth and defined.
(includes skin assessment) Please note: a patch test may be required 24 hours before tinting treatment

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