A guide to ARK & Dermalogica Skincare

A guide to ARK and Dermalogica Skincare

Here at the spa we take pride in our services and the products that we use and provide to you. That is why we use the best of the best in Ark Skincare and Dermalogica skin care products. Personally, I like to know that the products I use are safe for my skin, and won’t cause any harm if I use them. I also want to know that the products I use are not just not harmful to me, but also are as kind to the environment as possible. And having worked with these brands both together and separately, and knowing what their stories are we can say with confidence that they can adhere to that.


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ARK Skincare

The Founder

The founder of ARK Skincare is a woman who always had an interest in skin health and general body wellbeing. While understanding that our lifestyle choices; the foods we eat, whether we exercise and other such things affect our skin differently at different ages. She created a brand and product that works with our skin at each age to help us grow older gracefully.

The Vision

‘Protect. Defend. Defy. Unlock our best skin yet with age intelligent formulas. Made in Britain. Natural ingredients. Effective Results.’

Why create a product that works for age groups?
As you grow older, your skin changes chemically and hormonally. These changes mean that how your skin may have reacted to a product in your teens and twenties, is going to be entirely different for your thirties and forties and then fifties and over.

As far as we know, there are two main skin ‘transitioning periods.’ These are when you’re going from your twenties to your thirties, and then your fifties to your sixties. As a creator, once she understood that these milestones resulted in a difference in the way your skin is made up. It made sense to make a product that catered to not skin types, but age groups.


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What ARK Skincare products go hand in hand with our previous blogs?

I hope that you have been using our blogs as a guide on how to get better skin. But we have not yet explicitly spoken about some recommended products in relation to the advice we have given. So here are some ARK Skincare products you could think about.

Blemishes and Excess Oil:

– Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser, and Age Defend Conditioning Cleanser; These are the age groups with the most hormonal changes. And so need a product to target them specifically. The Age Protect helps to balance out oily and dry areas to keep the skin as comfortable as possible. The Age Protect works with the skin’s natural exfoliation for a brighter complexion.

– Clearing Serum; This is for anyone to use as it gets rids of bacteria on this skin while tightening the pores and removing any unwanted shine.

Sensitivity and Redness:

– Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer; This is great as a base for your makeup as it contains SPF (Which if you remember should be used whenever you leave the house). It works as a sunscreen, makeup primer and a moisturiser all in one.

– Anti Redness Serum; Packed with natural ingredients that are known for tackling redness and soothing the skin. The Anti Redness Serum helps to cool down the surface, and as a result, all visual signs of redness disappear.

Dryness and Tightness:

– Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser, Age Defend Replenishing Moisturiser, Age Defy Nourishing Moisturiser; These are all age group specific, with anti-pollutant properties to help protect against harmful toxins in the air.

– Hydration Injection Masque; Great for just a weekly dose of revitalisation, the hydration masque is full of multivitamins and restores the vibrancy of your skin.

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Dermalogica Skincare

The Vision

‘A product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts, that would improve skin health, and used by trained professionals..’

The Product

Dermalogica is a great product in itself but is entirely different to ARK. The focus of Dermalogica is to be able to fight an array of varying skin ailments. Their products are packed full of ingredients that they know are capable of fulfilling their tasks; in this case, curing or at least comforting any skin issues.
They are not focused on age but look at how ingredients can work together to fight a more significant problem.


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Dermalogica Skincare products and previous blogs

Acne and Breakouts:

– Overnight Clearing Gel; This product helps to clear your pores overnight while your skin is at its most active in the hopes to prevent any future breakouts.

– Breakout Control; This product is excellent because it does not over dry the skin, it contains natural antibacterial ingredients to clear the skin.


– Shave System Kit; Helps to prevent any unwanted ingrown hairs, redness and general irritation with a three-step kit that even takes into consideration the condition of your skin.

– Daily Clean Scrub; Seems to be a product that is mainly marketed towards facial hair removal, which acts as a cleanser and a pre-shave lather to help remove any bacteria or dirt beforehand.

Dryness and Dehydration:

– Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50; As you can see this has quite a high SPF, it is a daily moisturiser that doubles as a sunscreen to protect against those dangerous UVA and UVB rays. It also has a secret weapon in the form of a polypeptide that encourages collagen-producing activities to slow down the wrinkling process.

– Intensive Moisture Balance; Another great product that helps to work against the early signs of ageing all while keeping your skin hydrated. It does not contain SPF but is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

After working with both products for more than seventeen years, we have found that they work amazingly well together. You can mix and match to find out what combinations work best for you. A combination you could try is the ARK Defend Cleanser and Hydrating Beauty Mist, combined with Dermalogicas Daily Resurfacer and Active Moist. (That’s my current skin care Regime and I don’t look a day over 20! ☺)

Don’t forget, when it comes to skincare products there unfortunately, is no such thing as 100% natural. Unless you make it yourself fresh every day! The products are as natural as can be, but if we want them to last longer than a day and not go off, they do have to be mixed with some chemical for preservation. This does not mean however, that the products become harmful in any way!

As you can see, both ARK Skincare and Dermalogica skincare are both separately and together great products. Have a play around, mix them up a bit and see what works best for you. And don’t be shy to ask our spa therapists for advice, even if you just want some ideas on some combos to use!




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