It’s Time To Let Your Skin Bare!


It’s time to let your skin bare

It’s summertime and for a lot of people that means the pressure is on to be looking and feeling good. But, did you ever consider that looking and feeling good meant being 100% you. Wearing nothing on your face but your beautiful natural glow?

Getting rid of (and I mean stashing away for a cooler day) your makeup while the sun is out will benefit you in ways you may not have even thought of before; but what is it about this make up cleanse that will have you feeling so good?


The Facts:

Let’s begin with the facts. You know that moment when you wake up during the summer months, and you look outside to see the sun’s already out, your window is open and there is little to no breeze and your loving it. But at the same time you know that by the time you’ve gotten ready, applied your make up and walked out the front door – it’s time to re-apply it all over again. As the temperature increases it’s no secret that not just make up application but also the ability of your makeup to stay on as you placed it becomes more and more difficult and why is that? This is because unless your make up is water proof, the sweat that otherwise would be giving you an all-natural glow is making your make up coagulate, clump and run.



Let Your Skin Breathe:

Allowing your skin to breathe by not wearing make-up when hot has a number of benefits for the overall health and look of your skin. When you’re wearing make-up it acts almost like another layer of skin, except this layer does not have any pores, and therefore does not have the ability to breathe. Putting make up on your face when it is hot almost acts like barrier preventing your skin from sweating and breathing and pretty much blocking the all-important pores on your face. A blocked pore is an unhappy pore and it has no problem letting you know this.

Blocked pores mean break outs, and the longer you leave the make up on for, or the longer you continue to cover your pores the longer the break out is going to last. Going a few days make up less does wonders so let alone trying to go for the whole summer, and if you think about it knowing you won’t be wearing make-up will encourage you to look after your skin better anyway.

Going bare faced even works for those who have both oily and dry skin. If your skin is oily the make-up is likely to make it worse, and if your skin is dry and needs moisturiser, again, make up will make it worse. I know it is a little confusing because how can it make skin both oily and dry right? Well this is because make up prohibits skin moisturisers from working properly when applied on top. So this means even if you are taking the precautions to try to keep your skin hydrated, putting that extra layer on top of your skin cream is only going to counteract your efforts to keep moisturised.

What to do:



So what can you do to keep your skin looking radiant if you decide to go fresh faced this summer. The first thing to do and probably one of the most important things to do is make sure that you are keeping your face clean. This can be at home – with a light everyday face cleanser but also if you wish to treat yourself you can go for a facial from that you can get some top tips and ideas on what products to use at home, and for you to keep up the results from having a facial at home. The next tip is – in my opinion- extremely underrated and that is drinking the recommended daily dose of water. For a female that equates to approximately 11 cups. Water acts as a natural hydrator for the skin and so will automatically give you a wonderful glow. It is also extremely beneficial to other parts of your body both internally and externally, as it helps to flush out any toxins that could be acting in a negative manner.

Let’s not forget that drinking the correct amount of water can also help prevent or at least postpone wrinkles! Drinking water does come out in your skin eventually but it takes a little time. We recommend using ‘ARK Hydrating Beauty Mist’, if you wish to get an instant summer glow. This product can be spritz on the face just after you’ve cleansed the skin. Also can be used throughout the day to refresh and cool the face. Customers can find this product at the spa.



Respect The Sun, Look After Your Skin:

Let us also not forget that the sun can also be quite dangerous. Please always wear your sun screen if going bare faced this summer. We highly recommend ‘SPF 30 Primer’. This amazing product can be used alone as a moisturiser or on top of your usual moisturiser. Customers can find this product at the spa.

There is much to be admired from a woman who has the confidence to let her skin go bare. Also the understanding that doing such is going to give her skin that all needed breather to rest and recuperate. Let us all try it a few steps at a time. Beauty is something that is shown on both the inside and out, make up or no make-up.
The only difference is you…


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