Let’s Talk About Soft Wax And Lycon Wax

Let’s Talk About Soft Wax And Lycon Wax


From hair removal creams to razor blades and waxing. It is safe to assume that absolutely no one enjoys the process of hair removal. Ok, some people like body hair and that is entirely fine. But for those who don’t, the method of hair removal is for no better use of the word. Frustrating. Having said that, why is waxing considered one of the best ways to get rid of those pesky hairs other than laser removal?


What are the different types of waxing?

First things first, please remember that waxing is only semi-permanent and it removes the hairs directly from the root. The waxing lasts around two to six weeks, but you will usually begin to see some hairs poking through before then depending on your hair growth cycle.
You can use different types of wax for different things on the body. From intimate areas to more extensive areas using the correct kind of wax could be the difference between a good and a potentially not so pleasant experience.


Soft Wax

Soft wax is also known as strip wax, as it requires a strip to remove the hair. It is quite commonly used for comedic value in Hollywood movies and seems to be the go-to wax type. If you have any movie scenes in mind and your thinking ‘oh no..’ not to worry it is not THAT bad in real life. To use soft wax, your spa technician will heat it up until it is almost honey like in texture. Once the wax is the right consistency, the technician rolls it onto the skin. This process is called a warm roller system. Think of it almost like applying roll-on deodorant but with wax.


Don’t worry if you have sensitive skin…

For a lot of people, there is always a worry that the wax might take the skin with it. Or may damage the surface in some way. However, if your skin is a little bit more sensitive a very light layer of powder is applied, before the wax to prevent this.


What happens next?

A material similar to that of muslin; if not muslin itself covers the wax and is patted down. Then the fun happens. When ready, the skin around the strip gets pulled to tighten it. Then in one swift motion, all hairs are removed from their roots.

The Pros of Soft Waxing

– It doesn’t take as long as you may think because it can take care of larger areas on the body at.
– It can get to the tiny hairs that you didn’t even know were there. Resulting in your leg/arm or wherever you decide to get waxed feeling baby bum smooth.
– Depending on whether your ready, the wax removal process is as quick as the application process; as you do not have to wait for the wax to dry.

The Cons of Soft Waxing

– There is only one negative when it comes to soft wax, and that’s if you have sensitive skin. Having said that, I previously mentioned applying powder beforehand. This cancels out the negative because it acts as a barrier and protects the skin against any potential wax damage.


Lycon Hot Wax

Now, this wax is a little bit fancier than your typical strip/soft wax. It also has a few more benefits too. If you are looking for high quality, more expensive wax, this would be it. Typically used in the more sensitive areas of the body and face like the; lip, chin, underarm and Brazilian. It can remove hairs from the root that are as short as 1mm, which let’s be honest is incredible! Those are hairs that we probably can’t even see. There is nothing worse than attempting to use strip wax on areas that are known to be extremely prone to bruising, redness and skin damage. Lycon Hot Wax just gives them that extra level of TLC that they need to stay protected under the stress of waxing.

The Pros of Lycon Hot Wax

– Comes in different colours and aromatherapy scents to make for a more pleasurable experience.
– Can remove hairs as short as 1mm.
– Perfect for sensitive areas.
– Can be applied to the same area more than one time for those stubborn hairs.

The Cons of Lycon Hot Wax

– It is quite expensive, and so you probably want to stick to using it in the more intimate/sensitive areas only.


Top Tips for Post Waxing

You’ve just got your wax, and your skin is silky smooth. The last thing you want is for your skin to end up damaged as a result of poor post wax aftercare. Here are some top tips to help keep your skin nice and smooth. Try to avoid:

– Anything that will result in excessive perspiration.
– Any clothing or activities that will/may cause friction.
– Overly heated areas like saunas, steam rooms, hot showers and baths.
– Applying fake tan, moisturisers and perfumes.
– Applying deodorant if you’ve had an underarm wax, and makeup if you’ve had a facial wax.

It is essential to try to follow these tips to the best of your ability, especially in the first 24-48 hours. In this time your follicles are left open and are undefended against bacteria that can cause infection.

Apart from laser treatment (which can work out very expensive), waxing is the next best thing when it comes to hair removal. It takes the hairs right out of the root and leaves the skin silky smooth. Not only that but it takes a while for the hairs to grow back, and eventually they may not come back at all. It is not for everyone, but you never know it may very well be the hair removal process your looking for.



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