Makeup VS Au Natural

Makeup VS Au Natural

We have previously spoken about the effect that makeup can have on the skin. But what we haven’t done is talked about makeup and going natural separately, then compared the two. And let’s be honest, both have pros and cons that could make either option desirable. Most of the time whether you chose to wear makeup or not is admittedly down to how you feel that morning. In this blog, we are going to try to help you make a more informed decision by showing you the pros and the cons for each option.


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Why do women like to wear makeup?
There are many reasons as to why we like to wear makeup. From covering blemishes, spots and dark circles – to wanting to be adventurous and try different looks. Some people even find the process of makeup application therapeutic. Whatever the reason whether it be for coverage or fun there are some plus sides and down sides to wearing makeup.

The benefits

– A boost of confidence: There have been studies on women that showed that those who imagined themselves wearing makeup in social situations felt a lot more self-confident than those who envisioned themselves without it. Some people feel that makeup makes them more beautiful, as it enhances your features. And the more attractive you feel, the more confident you are.

– You time: Sitting down for some time out of your day to put on makeup is time designated just for you. It is time out of your day that you have set aside to concentrate on you. And, you may not feel it initially, but for some, it is very therapeutic.

– It’s fun! The possibilities when it comes to makeup are endless. Between the different colours and techniques of application. You could make yourself fit into any social situation. It is literally like painting with your face as the canvas. And if you’re creatively inclined, this can significantly add to the enjoyment of the process.

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The downside

– Takes time: If you don’t have the time to spend in the morning, or you just enjoy your lie-ins. (I miss those days) Then applying makeup can really cut down your free time in the morning. Of course, it depends on how much you are using, but for some people, it can take hours.

– Expensive and requires practice: If you are a regular makeup user, I am sure you are aware. It is not cheap! With new products coming out often, and new techniques to practice (and use up the makeup you have). It can end up being quite expensive. And like anything else, practice makes something close to perfect. Of course, practicing takes up valuable time. The sad truth of it is if you have to practice because if the application isn’t as good as you would like, it will make you feel bad anyway.

– Not good for you skin: This is something we have touched on in our previous blogs. But, it is worth mentioning again. Wearing makeup all day every day does not allow your skin to breathe. Skin that can’t breathe is more prone to acne breakouts, blocked pores, and becoming sensitive. If you are already someone who suffers from skin problems wearing makeup can significantly make them worse.

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Au Natural

Why do women go natural?
Going makeup-less can give you such a freeing feeling. To sometimes go outside without wearing makeup can make you have a sense of fulfilment and empowerment of your natural beauty.

The Benefits

– Great for your skin: As previously mentioned in the section above. Going without makeup for a few days (or longer) gives your skin the chance to rest and rejuvenate. The same way our body needs sleep, our skin needs to rest also. Even giving it just a few days of rest, you will begin to notice the difference. And also feel much more refreshed for doing so.

– You can save a lot of money: There are many cases, myself being one of them. Where the feeling of not wearing makeup is so amazing that the periods of time makeup-less get bigger and bigger. Eventually, makeup becomes something you wear when you are going out, and even then it’s minimal. So the amount of money you end up saving from not having to buy makeup is a lot.

– You just being you: The moment when you realise you are now comfortable in your skin is a powerful moment. There is nothing better than feeling confident both with and without makeup. And having the flexibility to change it up whenever you want.

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The downside

– Judgment day! Those who like to go without makeup get judged automatically. The general ‘consensus’ of women who don’t wear makeup is that they can’t be bothered, and don’t care about their appearance. This can be very disconcerting and off-putting. Being told you look tired and grumpy just because your not wearing makeup can be a massive hit to your self-esteem.

– Maybe not the look you want: If you are someone who loves the makeup look. Then it can be difficult to achieve this. However, as we are going to speak about next, there are some techniques for producing something similar.


Honestly, the compromises are mainly for the eye area. And they are as follows. If you like the extended lash look, you can go for individual lashes or eyelash tinting. The same goes for if you want to have more prominent brows, then you can go for eyebrow tinting. These are also better than makeup because they last longer, and are much more difficult to remove.

Whether you want to wear makeup or go without is entirely your decision. There are pros and cons to both options, and in many cases where you are going can help determine whether you decide to go with or without. But either way, we hope that todays blog has helped you make a more informed decision. Whilst, encouraging you to go a few days at a time Au Natural! ☺




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