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Dear client,

We want you to know that We care deeply about the safety of both our clients and staff. I want to reassure you that we fully follow the government’s guidelines and new safety regulations. This is why we ask you to familiarise yourself with the new safety regulations below and what to expect when you visit us. Most of our practises were set as standard before Covid-19 but now we are double checking we are squeaky clean 😊

We look forward to seeing you again!


*We wash and clean our hands before and after each client and wear protective clothing at all times which include surgical masks, clear face visors, disposable aprons, disposable gloves.

*Outside clothing and shoes are changed and clean uniform are worn before each shift.

*Screen protectors are placed at the manicure and pedicure stations.



*We Frequently clean any objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, including door handles, staff handheld devices and tools and making sure there is adequate disposal arrangements for cleaning products.

*We Sanitise all reusable equipment, including client chairs, treatment beds, and tools, such as tweezers after each appointment and use disposable equipment where possible.

*Clean towels and disposable bedding are used before each client.


Social distancing

*We adhere to social distancing rules in and around the salon.

*We space appointments to allow for frequent cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of work areas, tools and equipment between uses, using your usual cleaning products.



What to expect when you visit


When you make an appointment with us you will be sent a Covid-19 questionnaire via email to fill in before you arrive for your appointment.


Please arrive on time and scan the QR Test & Trace code with the NHS Covid-19 app to help us with our efforts to comply with Government Regulations.

If you have any symptoms develop before your appointment then please contact us to cancel/reschedule your appointment. Please stay at home and follow the government guidelines which can be found on


Please arrive alone for your appointment to maintain social distancing.


Please wear a face covering during your treatment except for facials, lip & chin wax.


Wash/sanitize your hands when you arrive and before you leave.


Herbal teas & water can now be served in plastic cups.


Please bring a book as we are not allowed to offer magazines at this time.


Payments can be made online via a payment link or through contactless method in store.

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