Let’s Talk About Skin Analysis


Let’s Talk About Skin Analysis

Now I know over the past few months we have looked at ways in which you could determine how well your skin is doing by yourself. But sometimes you just can’t beat getting a professional opinion, and that’s where skin analysis (also known as face mapping) comes in. It sounds super scientific, but it is not as daunting as it may seem. Skin analysis is something that your spa technician will go through with you; if you chose. To determine any imperfections and areas that you can work on to benefit the skin on your face.


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What exactly is skin analysis?

Skin analysis is a process your spa therapist, and yourself will go through together. They will look at what may be causing any skin problems you have on a more detailed level. You don’t even necessarily need to have any skin troubles for skin analysis to be something you consider as part of your facial. Sometimes it’s just helpful to know your skin is healthy. At the spa, face mapping is already a part of your facial treatment, and if you are not here to have a facial, it is free on its own!



How often should you get it done? Is it worthwhile?

We recommend that you have a skin analysis session with every visit to the spa. It may sound like a lot, but if you think about it, there are so many factors that could contribute to the overall health of your skin. Anything could have changed since your last visit. From your diet; to any medications, you have been taking, to your general skin care routine.
All of these things will affect your skin, and even if it is a positive effect, it is still worth knowing that what you have changed/what you are currently doing is beneficial.


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What should you expect in a skin analysis visit?

As I previously mentioned, it as not as bad as it sounds! And it is all entirely up to you whether you get a face mapping session or not. But, considering the benefits, I’d say go for it. Whether you’re getting a session on its own or part of a facial, the steps should remain the same.

You will firstly get a face cleanse; this is to remove any dead skin, dirt, or anything else that may be on your skin preventing the technician from getting a clear view. Secondly, your eyes will be covered as an extremely bright magnifying lamp is used. The spa therapist will simply go over every inch of the skin on your face and neck with the light. They will be looking for:

– Fine lines
– Acne
– Redness
– Flaky Skin
– The start of wrinkles
– Any other skin imperfections

You know that suspense moment where you do not know whether to worry or relax waiting at the doctor’s surgery for some results. You will not get that here, as with each finding the technician will tell you exactly what it is they can see. Not only that, to settle your mind, they will also show you how they will adapt the facial to suit your specific needs, and even ways you can work towards your future skin goals.

If time is of the essence and your quite a busy person, again there is no need to worry. Face mapping should take between 5 and 10 minutes from start to finish.


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Be prepared…

Before you can go in for a session, you will be asked to fill out quite a lengthy consultation card. This will work hand in hand with the therapist to make sure any conclusions reached are as accurate as can be. Expect to answer questions about your daily routines and skin practices; all this will act as huge indicators as to why you may be experiencing dry skin for example.

So rather than be caught slightly off guard, and then totally forget what you do on a day to day basis (happens to the best of us in unexpected situations). Maybe just jot down some things as a reminder or the names of the products you may be using on your skin. Only to help the process go a little faster for you.


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Why should you get skin analysis done?

The fact of the matter is, skin analysis or face mapping is a very detailed and intricate look at your skin. The technician can see all the imperfections and problems, and potentially couple that to some of your lifestyle choices that you have noted on the consultation card. Although this is not a diagnosis, it is easy enough to help you understand what may be causing what issue and then how to fix it. It is an overall benefit when figuring out what works best for your skin.

As I said previously, even if you complete a session and find out your skin has improved since the last visit; this tells you that the changes you made since last time have worked.

It is a simple, quick and pain-free process. But that does not put a downer on how useful it could potentially be. Together through these blogs, we are going on a journey that will hopefully result in you completing your future skin goals.
A face mapping session could be the first stepping stone or any of the stones in between on this journey to perfect skin. It acts as a starting block, letting you know what you need to work on, and then as an encourager when you find out what your doing is working. And the best thing about it is it is free at the spa!



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