Want A Tan But Not Going On Holiday Soon? Spray Tan Don’t Sunbed!

Spray Tan don’t Sunbed!

Want a tan but not going on holiday soon? Spray Tan don’t Sunbed!

We are now just over a month away from the wonderful holiday that is Christmas, and that means its party season! It also means that its winter time, and with winter comes tan-less bodies. Christmas is such a vibrant and colourful season, full of lights, laughter and love, and we want to be a part of it right?
We want to walk into a party and feel as bright and colourful as the lights that surround us. With our beautifully tanned bodies, looking like we just came back from the white or black sand beaches of the Caribbean.

The dilemma comes in when you’re not planning on going on holiday anytime soon, and the reality of it is, the best weather you can hope for is that it’s not going to rain today. It is effortless to then say to yourself you will sit on a sunbed for 5 minutes and come out with the tan you wanted.
But, apart from the temporary ‘glow’ is it actually the tan you wanted? What the sunbed is doing to your skin without you knowing is damaging it quicker and more intensely than the sun ever could within such a short period.


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Spray Tan

Spray tanning is a form of self-tanning that uses a mist type product that is then sprayed onto the body to form a tan. The tan appears when the ingredients that are in the spray mix with the chemicals that are on your skin, and turn it brown or bronze. It does not contain any SPF and so does not protect against the sun, but it is entirely safe to use and not harmful to the skin.


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A sunbed is a device that can be used to create what you can call a ‘cosmetic tan’, and it uses ultraviolet radiation to force the skin to brown or burn. Due to its horizontal nature, it is called a sunbed, the same form of devices that are vertical are more commonly known as sun booths.


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Spray Tanning VS Sunbeds

I like to get the bad news out of the way first, and so we are going to start by talking about sunbeds and precisely what would be happening to your skin if you decided to use one. First of all, as I previously mentioned sunbeds emit ultraviolet radiation to tan your skin. This is just as harmful as the UVA and UVB rays that the sun gives off. (The same rays we spoke about in our previous blog SPF Guide).

Under normal circumstances, with the sun, prolonged exposure to UV rays can result in the most severe form of skin cancer which is malignant melanoma. It also increases the chances of getting non-malignant melanoma. And that is just from the sun.

The UV rays that are emitted by sunbeds are much more intense and direct. Hence why the majority of people spend between 4 and 8 minutes at a time. Put it this way, 10 minutes on a sunbed can equate to about an hours worth of sunbathing in the direct midday sun without any sunblock or sunscreen. Artifical tanning is a major shock to the system with the UV rays being between three and five times more intense than the midday sun, making it much easier for you to obtain a severe burn.

Spray tanning or self-tanning is a healthier way of tanning and in many cases is much more straightforward as it is more accessible, making it a lot less effort. The best thing about spray tans or self-tanners is some can even benefit you in some ways.

Products like ‘Beau Bronz Tanning’ which we use at the spa, are made entirely out of natural and organic ingredients, meaning there are no harmful chemicals or alcohols present to damage your skin. But you don’t just have to go to the salon to have a healthy tan. This same product can be bought and used at home.


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The benefits of Spray Tanning or Self Tanning

– You do not have to wait weeks for your tan to appear, self-tanning is pretty much instantaneous, and so you can tan and be ready to go out that evening.
– They leave you with a lovely glow, and you look alive and vibrant prepared for the upcoming parties.
– Unlike sunbeds, there is zero chance of you getting a sunburn after using spray tans or self-tanning.
– They do not rely on UV rays or radiation to tan your skin. Therefore, there are no chances of not just sunburn, but any form of skin damage whatsoever. That includes skin cancers.
– There are some spray tanning or self-tanning products out there that benefit your skin. Whether that be locking in moisture or helping to protect against the sun (more self-tanning than spray tans), they seem to have a factor that benefits rather than damages.
– Like the products we use at the salon, you are also able to find products that contain natural unharmful ingredients that you can use.
– You could do it yourself in your own time if you wanted.

Sunbeds are not and must not be the future of tanning. The damage caused to our skin is not worth it in the long run. Take a look at our spray tan options; you could even call the spa on 0208 780-1771 with the secret code ‘WINTER TAN’ and get 10% off your Christmas season glow. I think by now you have seen there is a bit of a running theme, we want you all alongside us to be as healthy as possible. That is from the inside out. Knowledge is power and today’s lesson of power is the importance of knowing the dangers of ultraviolet radiation on our skin.


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