In the wide array of massages to choose from: Which one is best for you?

In the wide array of massages to choose from: Which one is best for you?

As we are already on the topic of massages, we thought it would be a good idea to go into a little more depth about the massages and treatments we offer at the spa. I mean let’s be honest, they all look amazing but how do you know which one is the best one for you and your current needs? It is all well and good going all out and getting a full body massage, but sometimes money and time don’t allow that to happen.

Our Massage Treatments

At the spa, we want to concentrate on the best treatments for you as our clients. We are passionate about your health, beauty and wellbeing. And so, let’s have a look at exactly what our body, hand and feet treatments can do for you.

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The ‘Mood Response’ Treatment

What is it?

The ‘Mood Response’ Treatment is a treatment that aims to make use of three out of your five senses. Smell, touch and hearing. We cater to your sense of smell using aromatic essential oils; feel is of course through the massage itself, and in the background, you will hear music that is used to calm the environment even further. It is an excellent treatment to get because it is exceptionally therapeutic and it works to warm and soothe your muscles.

Is it for you?

Here you can get the full body treatment or the back, neck and shoulder massage. Whether you get an entire body, or neck, back and shoulder treatment depends on what it is you need working on, or whether you are visiting for some relaxation. As it says in its name, a full body massage is where the spa therapist will be treating you from head to toe. Feet, legs, arms, hands, shoulders, back, and neck.

Sometimes a full body massage is just what you may need because it looks at the main culprits of pain and aches and using deep massage and pressure movements work to reduce these symptoms. As well as that it could be a little more relaxing as it does take longer, and as said you are treated from head to toe.

Back, neck and shoulder massage is excellent for if you sit in an office chair all day, or a heavy lifting job. When we sit down our spine compresses putting a lot of pressure on our upper body. You may have noticed if you are in a sitting position for prolonged periods of time you begin to get neck, back and shoulder pains. Sometimes all we need is a well timed massage that directly targets the painful areas to feel that much better.

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The Back Facial

What is it?

The back facial is quite self-explanatory, it is giving your back the same amazing facial you do on your face. The same way we can get acne, rashes, redness and other skin irritations on our face, we are also able to get them on our back. Think of it as the best of both worlds; combing massage with a deep cleanse to result in what we call our back facial.

Is it for you?

I guess the first thing you must ask yourself is if you tend to have trouble with the skin on your back. As it is a hard to reach place, sometimes we miss parts when we have a bath or moisturise. Leaving the sections, we missed exposed to the air and the harmful things that come with it that can cause back acne and redness. Secondly, consider what it is the back facial entails. You have a deep cleanse followed by exfoliation, steam extraction and then finally a masque. Yes, the design is technically for those who suffer from dry skin or back acne, but that does not defer from its benefits in general.

Whether you suffer from these problems or not you will leave your treatment with a back that feels incredibly clean, smooth and defined!

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Body Polish

What is it?

Now, this is a fun one! A body polish is an exfoliation treatment that is for your entire body. This scrub helps to improve circulation and leave your skin looking brighter overall.

Is it for you?

It is great for if you are about to go on holiday or if you have just come back, or if you just feel like having a full body scrub. It removes dead skin like a pro and so if you are one of the lucky ones who is going away for Christmas, or you have just come back from a holiday then it will help you glow on your way there, and keep your tan looking flawless when you come back by removing any unwanted dead skin.

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Luxury Mani, Pedi

What is it?

We have previously spoken about the importance of keeping your hands and feet in tip-top condition. Not just for beauty but health. With our luxury manicures, and pedicures you are not only treated to a nail colour (if you decide to paint them, not just a massage, but a hand or feet masque as well. Or both if you choose to go for a luxury manicure AND a luxury pedicure!

Is it for you?

Do you like relaxation? Painless, effortless pampering? Feeling pretty? I almost feel silly asking, of course, you do! In any case a luxury mani, pedi is purely for relaxation and pampering purposes. So whether it is for you only comes down to whether you feel you want a manicure or pedicure at that time!

We have only skimmed some of the massages that we provide here at the spa. There are also many other treatments that aren’t massages like spray tanning and waxing. We just hope that in the future today’s blog will help you decide what is the most appropriate treatment for you and guide you a bit better in the future.





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